Your cruise starts at home!

Bags&Go collect your luggage so you can find it directly in the cabin of your cruise. On the way back, we collect our bags at the landing so you can receive them the next day at home.

Today, thousands of cruise passengers are no longer carrying their luggage on arrival, transfer or departure of their trip

Customers who use the Bags&Go service ensure that it prevents setbacks such as theft or loss of luggage, frees groups of travelers carry their luggage on arrival, transfer or departure of the cruise and saves them the uncomfortable tails that are formed in the terminals.

Bags&Go is a company specializing in comprehensive transport services and shipping of luggage as well as luggage storage and deposit. Through the service “Your cruise starts at home”, Bags&Go is positioned with a highly competitive offer in the cruise tourism sector.

Other successful services of the firm are:

  • MICE tourism service” for the transfer of luggage and promotional gifts from the congress, convention and fairs centers to the airport, or origin companies.
  • “Consignment Service” to facilitate the mobility of travelers who take advantage of the day in Barcelona.
  • “Home delivery” delivery of luggage to any region of the world as part of the offer in transport and courier services.

Bags&Go is the only company authorized to operate on all cruise ship landings in the Port of Barcelona for more than 10 years and is associated with the most important courier companies in the world.

Administrative Office Address

Moll de Sant Bertrán s/n

Estació Marítima Trasmediterranea

08039 - Port de Barcelona