Luggage Policy


Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of service of DeliveryWarehouse, SL., from now on referred as DW.
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Conditions Of Service And Insurance Policy Contract


  1. DW is engaged in baggage custody, transportation and shipping.
  2. DW service is not affiliated with cruise ship companies, pier’s consignment or lockers service, terminal managers or travel agencies. Nevertheless, if specific agreements are made, DW may submit its service to the requirements and needs of companies involved.
  3. By signing this contract, the client is agreeing, not only with the terms and conditions of service, but also with the time and place of the luggage pick up.
  4. DW custodies and transfers pieces of luggage.
  5. DW reserves the right to refuse any service.
  6. DW has the ability or power to reject any object that may be considered dangerous, unsafe, inappropriate, dangerous, unsafe, due to weight, dimensions, fragility, shape or organic or perishable nature.
  7. DW dismisses guarding or moving objects that are outside the laws, regulations and orders of Spain.
  8. DW reserves the right to request the lawful authority to search or x-ray any baggage in order to ensure they are safe and legal.
  9. The client will be solely responsible for objects in his/her luggage such as money, checkbooks, credit cards, jewelry, precious metals, mobile phones, cameras, personal electronic devices, computers, medicines, watches, glasses/sunglasses, tobacco, and other valuable objects, as well as works of art.
  10. DW will report to the customs authorities any luggage that is potentially dangerous or illegal.
  11. DW states that will not open any luggage under any circumstances. Just in case of force majeure and under the requirement of the customs authorities, the client’s data will be provided as a means of identification and will DW attend only as a witness of a possible official inspection operation.
  12. DW does not take any responsibility or liability for luggage that is not properly closed with a padlock or an alternative lock.
  13. The customer is responsible for handing over luggage to DW properly closed with a padlock or an alternative lock.
  14. DW declares to be totally unaware of the baggage content; hence it is not responsible for any loss or damage to the objects inside it.
  15. DW states that the luggage in the company’s custody will remain constantly guarded during the service and it will not be left in any place without surveillance.
  16. DW does not take any responsibility or liability for luggage that cannot guarantee its integrity by not being closed properly, found to be broken, for having broken locks, being at risk of accidental opening or loss of part of the content.
  17. The client guarantees the information and data provided are accurate and true. In case of error in the shipping address, the customer shall bear the costs accrued.
  18. It is mandatory showing his/her copy of this contract when picking up the luggage.
  19. To ensure quality of service and safety, DW may request the costumer’s ID or passport when depositing or picking up the luggage.
  20. At the baggage claim, the customer must sign this contract once again in order to certify their agreement with the delivery, thereby waiving any subsequent claims.
  21. All  the luggages that will not be picked up before 23:00 h the same day, will be considered luggage unclaimed or abandoned. Otherwise you will be charged €10 per piece. The client will have pay when the bags will be collected.
  22. DW has no obligation to contact the customer who has not collected his/her luggage at the time agreed.
  23. Will be considered luggage abandoned if after 12 hours the client has not collected the bags or contacted with DW.
  24. If case of being considered abandoned, luggage will be transferred and kept by DW in its facilities located at the Port of Barcelona, ​​Sant Moll Bertrán s/n – Acciona-Trasmediterránea Terminal for 72 additional hours.
  25. During those 72 hours after the declaration of abandonment, DW will do its best to reach the customer, within its capabilities and with the information provided by the customer him/her self.
  26. In case of abandoned luggage, DW will be taken the luggage to a buffer warehouse for a maximum of 30 days, the storage fees falling upon the responsability of the customer, €10 per piece/day, after this period it may be destroyed.
  27. In case of being considered unclaimed, DW reserves the right to sending the luggage depending on the availability of the shipping agencies, as long as the customer has paid the shipping and handling fees and has provided the necessary documentation for customs clearance.
  28. In case of total or partial loss of baggage by DW, due to DW’s poor management, you will be compensated up to a maximum of €250 per piece of luggage.
  29. If the luggage is found to be broken, the customer will be asked to provide proof of purchase of the same one. Only structural damage may be claimed. The insurance does not cover pull up handles, handles, straps or wheels.
  30. DW will only accept claims submitted prior to collection; if appropriate, the compensation has a maximum of €120 per piece of luggage.




This contract is subject to the jurisdiction of Barcelona’s Courts of Arbitration and to the International Trade laws of the current Spanish Commercial Code; especially Articles 246 and following, as well as Law 29/2003 reforming the LOTT in reference to the fees for loss or damage, the customer waiving any jurisdiction other than the indicated one.

THE CLIENT, by hiring this service, must express to DW whether he/she wants the luggage insured or under the regime of customs declaration value, telling the commission agent and assuming the costs. DW may refuse to perform the service due to the value declared by the Customer. THE CUSTOMER is responsible for providing a truthful, accurate and detailed description of the merchandise, goods, weight and luggage brands, and especially for reporting of quality of dangerous belongings.

THE CLIENT hires this service to deliver the luggage or package to the address consigned on the invoice to be made no later than 72 actual hours UTC. The hours will be calculated from the first delivery attempt. There will be up to 3 delivery attempts with a delivery notice. On the third attempt, the luggage will be taken to a buffer warehouse for a maximum of five days, the parking fees falling upon the responsibility of the customer, after this period it may be destroyed.


Administrative Office Address

Moll de Sant Bertrán s/n
Estació Marítima Trasmediterranea
08039 - Port de Barcelona