Frequently asked questions about our services

I just arrived in Barcelona by plane and I don't know where to find you

At Terminal 1 of the ‘Barcelona El Prat’ Airport, we are located on the ground floor at the end of the railway lobby, next to the L9 metro station, at the airport’s own official signpost.

At Terminal 2 of ‘Barcelona El Prat’ Airport, we are located on the ground floor at street level, in Terminal 2B in front of the B43/B44 check-in counters.

Important: Terminal 2 is only for customers with airport origin. For clients with airport destination, pick ups will only be made at Terminal 1.

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I just disembarked from a cruise ship at the port of Barcelona and I don't know where to find you.

We have a baggage pick up desk at all the port terminals: Moll adosat (muelle adosado) Terminal A, B, C, D, E, World Trade Centre North and South Terminals, and Grimaldi Terminals (Terminal F3), Transmediterránea (Terminal F2) and Baleària (Terminal F1).

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I just arrived in Barcelona by train and I don't know where to find you.

At the ‘Barcelona Sants’ train station you will find us at the Plaza Joan Peirò exit in front of McDonald’s.

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I'm going on a cruise ship, where do I get my bags?

You will find your luggage directly in the cruise cabin. We work closely with the ship’s personnel so that you don’t have to think about schedules, and we always check the cabin number with the most up-to- date passenger list to avoid errors resulting from last minute cabin changes.

I arrive in Barcelona on a cruise ship and I’m not sure at what time I can disembark. What times do I indicate on the reservation?

Our staff will be present during the whole the disembark, so please indicate an approximate time.

My flight leaves at midnight, how late can I pick up my luggage at the airport?

The Barcelona airport locker will remain open 24 hours a day, however the deadline for picking up your luggage without additional charges at 22pm.

I would like to send a few bags to a hotel in France where I will be staying in 2 days, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible, to France or anywhere in the world. For any shipment of this kind please write us the details at info@bagsandgo.com and we will give you an estimate.

I just arrived in Barcelona and my check-in at the hotel/apartment won’t be until several hours, do you ship to hotels/apartments?

Yes. In our website you can book the pick-up at the point of arrival in the city (Port, Airport or Train Station) and we will send your luggage to the Hotel/Apartment you indicate at the agreed time.

I have to check out from my hotel/apartment in the morning and my flight/train doesn't leave until the afternoon, what can I do?

Very easy! We pick up your bags at the hotel/apartment in the morning and deliver them to the place you indicate at the agreed time. This way you will be able to make the most of your visit to Barcelona.

How do I know you're a secure company?

We have been operating in Barcelona since 2007, and we are THE ONLY luggage handling company authorised by the Port of Barcelona to operate in all terminals. We have achieved this by complying with all the standards required by the Port Authorities and the safety protocols established by the Guardia Civil. We work in collaboration with the official locker service of the Barcelona Airport, complying with all the safety standards imposed by Aena (Spanish Airport Management Company).
We deliver more than 25,000 bags per year, both nationally and internationally, with a 100% share of satisfied customers, who repeat and recommend our service.
Today, hundreds of agencies around the world sell our service to their most exclusive customers.

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Does this service include insurance?

Yes. We include an insurance for your bag, but it does not cover handles or wheels. We make sure to identify and write down any damage the bag presents when we receive it in order to avoid possible frauds.

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Can I carry anything I want in my bag?

Due to the strict controls derived from the delicate areas where we operate, your bag will be X-rayed on entering the airport and port to avoid illegal items. In addition, for shipments to the United States, any type of liquid or food of any kind will not be allowed, as governed by U.S. customs regulations.

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In the reservation request you must indicate a contact phone number but my mobile phone won’t be operative when I arrive in Spain.

We need the telephone number for security purposes, as in the event that we have to inform you of any situation related to your reservation, we can leave a message. If this is not possible, you can provide us with an e-mail address. In the hypothetical event that you have to contact us for any last minute changes, you can do so on the telephone we provide, between 7am and 10pm every day.

What is the price of the service?

The price for the Premium service is 12.90 euros per bag, provided that the booking is made in our website. If done at the desk, the price is 15 euros per bag.

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Do you have special prices for groups?

Yes, we make special offers for large groups, as well as personalized services for special cases. For questions about prices and/or personalized services, please contact us at info@bagsandgo.com and tell us about your trip.

I have 2 big bags and a small one, how much does it cost in that case?

The price is the same regardless of size, weight or shape.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip and I have a booking with you, can I get the money back from the reservation?

We refund the full amount for cancellations made until 7 days before the service is rendered. We refund 50% of the amount for cancellations made between 7 and 4 days before the service. 3 days before departure the corresponding expenses are 100%.

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