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Crew Member Service FAQS


What does the CDSS provide?

The crew member will have the possibility of sending his shipments to our associated centres of our network using the addresses in the ports that are most convenient for him.


They are not only designed to be points of reception of online purchases and delivery service on the ship, but also serve to collect shipments or returns of previously purchased items: If you are a crew member and you need us to receive a shipment for you, you only have to register as a user on our website and request the type of service you require, whether it is “deferred reception and delivery” or “collection and link with transport agency”. In the latter case, the shipment must be labelled in order to proceed to its reshipment or return.


The characteristics of the service allow the crew member to decide where and when to send their packages. This is possible by choosing the most convenient port within the stopovers of the route of the ship on which he/she is embarked.

How does CDSS work?

The procedure is simple: when you choose this type of deferred delivery during the processing of your order, for example: at AMAZON, you must enter as delivery address the one that best suits the route followed by your ship. In your user profile you will have a list of all available centres.


Restrictions and requirements:

In order to access the service you must ensure that the goods comply with the following requirements:


Maximum weight: 20 Kg

Measurements: not to exceed 70 cm. in length and 200 cm. in total dimensions (Length + Height + Width).


The content must be an authorised article. Before proceeding, check whether your online purchase or shipment contains prohibited or restricted items. If it is prohibited merchandise, you will not be able to process it in any case, and if it is a restricted product, although we can receive it or send it, its arrival at destination is not guaranteed.

If a shipment is necessary, it is the crew member who must ensure that the package is properly packed to protect it from damage. Check the packing guide and follow its instructions to avoid surprises and incidents in the shipment.

How to send a parcel with CDSS?

You can use the service so that we come to pick up the shipment you need at the same port and we will arrange for the same transport agency to pick it up from our centres as soon as possible. This mode implies that it is the crew member who provides the shipment already documented and labelled for its dispatch.

There is also the possibility of providing us, by e-mail, with the details of the origin and destination of the shipment, as well as the real weight and dimensions, and we will be able to send you a quotation for the shipment. In case of acceptance the crew member will receive a payment request in his user account for the shipping service to be tendered and we will then send him by e-mail the necessary documentation for the shipment.

Can I send luggage?

Of course! you can send suitcases, but you have to take into account that neither our CDSS service nor the transport agencies are governed by the regulations of the passenger transport companies. Handling, transport and storage, as well as compensation for damage/loss or delays, are handled according to the particular conditions of each transport agency, in accordance with the regulations governing the contract of carriage.


First of all, you must make sure that you choose a shipping service provider (transport agency) that accepts the shipment of luggage, before requesting a shipment without specifying that what you are sending is luggage.


Once you have chosen a carrier, you will need to consider the origin and destination of the baggage shipment. If the shipment is being sent within the E.U. or if it has origin or destination outside the E.U. This detail will determine the need for customs clearance.


We remind you that suitcases and luggage must always be packed in a box if we want to have all the guarantees and take out insurance or packed in plastic film.


If you have decided to send your suitcase, we recommend that it is very important to weigh and measure it well, for this you will need a tape measure and a scale.

You should always indicate the measurements in centimetres: width x length x height.

If the suitcase or luggage is not properly packed, the transport agency will not be responsible for any damage or claim in the event of an incident.


Packing option 1 (not covered by most transport agency insurances):

Paper film

  • Inside the suitcase we will place a copy of the pick-up note.
  • We will place a second copy of the packing slip on the outside of the suitcase.
  • Place the luggage upright
  • Tie the film to the handle of the suitcase so that it is well secured
  • Wrap the suitcase in several generous layers of film
  • Seal the film with a seal
  • Place a third copy of the packing slip in a transparent bag and seal it on top of the film.


Packing option 2: Covered by insurance

Box or cardboard packaging.

  • Place a copy of the shipping label inside the suitcase.
  • Place a second copy of the shipping label on the outside of the suitcase.
  • Place the suitcase inside a double corrugated cardboard box.
  • We do not recommend that you reuse any box that is not double corrugated cardboard, in this case it may not be covered by insurance but if you choose to do so, please remove any other labels on the box or addresses that do not correspond to your shipment.
  • Wrap the suitcase in bubble wrap and use bubble wrap or foam to fill any gaps between the suitcase and the edge of the box.
  • Seal the box
  • Place a third copy of the shipping label in a transparent bag and seal it on top of the box.

We recommend that you always check the conditions of service of your chosen carrier and the list of prohibited items below before sending your suitcase to ensure that you have not included: liquids, nail polish, deodorants, sprays, gels, flammable products…).

Prohibited and restricted items for shipments

All items included in the list of prohibited/restricted items are not allowed to be sent or received. Failure to respect these restrictions may result in a report to the authorities.


Prohibited Items.

Prohibited items cannot be shipped by parcel agencies outside of the specific protocols established for that purpose, due to the limitations of the law governing it and for security reasons.

Special distribution and transportation protocols and channels are in place for all such goods that cannot be shipped through parcel services.



Perishable Goods: Products that require specific temperature, humidity, lighting or handling conditions.

Alcohol: All alcoholic beverages regardless of their alcohol content.

Flammable liquids (ADR): Perfumes, lighters, lighter fluid, paint, adhesive substances…

Compressed gas: Lighters, diving cylinders, gas cylinders, camping gas, sprays, fire extinguishers.

Corrosive material: Batteries, mercury, hydrochloric acid.

Art: Any work and type of art.

Jewellery: Jewellery, gems and precious metals, gold, silver, natural pearls.

Antiques: Technological products, manufactured 20 years old. Other items, manufactured up to 50 years old.

Money: Including, but not limited to, cheques, coins, banknotes, collector’s money, credit/debit cards.

Stamped effects: Any officially stamped effects, stamps, government-issued stamped documents.

Tobacco: All types of tobacco

Medicines: Any type of medicines, regardless of prescription.

International Restrictions: Any goods prohibited at origin or destination.

Plants: Live, of any species.

Animals: Live, dead, stuffed animals.

Motor spare parts: Engines, spare parts, magnetised products, gearboxes, clutches, etc.

Explosives: Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition, gunpowder, flares.

Flammable Substances: Matches, lighters, charcoal, lighter tablets.

Biological samples: Blood, urine, saliva…

Funerary articles: Human remains, ashes.

Weapons: Any weapon, including knives and replicas (toys).

Opium and derivatives: Cocaine, marijuana and other narcotic or psychotropic substances, and any derived products.

Toxic substances: Pesticides and other agricultural products, bacteria, viruses.

Radioactive material: Radioactive materials.


Restricted Articles

Restricted articles are those which, without being strictly prohibited by the transport agencies, are not covered by any type of insurance.



Flat Glass: Objects made of flat glass. Windows, aquariums, urns, etc.

Insufficient Packaging: Any product that travels without respecting the

Luxury Material: Embroidery or fabrics with precious metals, lace handkerchiefs, fine furs.

Commercial Samplers: Small quantity of product that is displayed to advertise or promote it.

Containers: Containers, including suitcases when shipped unpacked.

Returned Merchandise: Merchandise and machinery damaged or returned to its seller.

Original Documents: Passports, ID cards, deeds, certificates, academic degrees…

Documents with economic value: Lottery tickets, medical prescriptions, tickets of any kind, any bearer document.

Vehicles: Vehicles of any kind

Minerals: Marble and other mineral slabs.

What happens if I send a prohibited item?

If you send a prohibited item, it may be detained, reported and even destroyed with the entire shipment.


There are a number of items that cannot be transported through any of our services.


These are items whose circulation is not permitted in accordance with applicable national or international laws for reasons of public health, safety, general utility and protection of the service.


The contents of the shipment are not audited, nor are the goods handled at any time, so you are fully responsible for ensuring that your shipment complies with the regulations.


In case it is collected, the carrier may retain the goods at any national or international point, waiting for the customer to collect it by their own means, in this sense we cannot collaborate in the resolution of the incident. In this case we reserve the right to charge the contracting party of the shipment any additional costs that may be generated by this type of incident (storage, destruction at a clean point…).


We will not accept claims for delays in deliveries or any derived expenses that could lead to the goods being paralysed or even destroyed.


In addition to the items listed, both prohibited and excluded from insurance coverage, each transport agency may have its own limitations in addition to those already mentioned, so we recommend reviewing the general conditions of the chosen carrier’s service (available before completing the contracting process).


Returns to Department Stores


Returning items purchased online to department stores (Amazon, Media Markt…) is very common nowadays with the amount of purchases we make via the web.


When you receive your order it is possible that it arrives damaged, it is not your size or it is simply not to your liking.


If you need to return it, it is very important that before you order any shipment you find out about the return conditions of the shop where you made the purchase. Many of them have special agreements with some carriers and will only accept returns if you return the product to them.


For example, in some return services, Amazon sends the customer a label to send the goods postage paid, but it is a service that has been agreed with the company CORREOS or with the same company that made the delivery.


In the event that you need to make a return shipment outside the management of the online shop itself, it is absolutely essential that you contact the shop and obtain the appropriate guarantees for your shipment to be received. Without obtaining these guarantees, unfortunately, we do not recommend that you proceed with the shipment due to the risk that our shipment may be rejected. In such a case, the shipment would be returned to origin with the corresponding extra cost that would be charged to the user’s account.



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