Health Safety and Prevention

With the aim of improving and making safer the aspects of interaction with customers:

New Digital Solutions


  • In Bags&Go we have applied new digital solutions improving our website, making it more dynamic to make it an easier tool to use, and we have improved the e-commerce engine facilitating online contracting.

With this we want to minimize as much as possible the interpersonal and monetary contact, implementing digital receipts and online transactions, as well as speeding up the process.

New Adapted Products


  • In Bags&Go we adapt to the needs arising both in our physical operations and in our online services.

In our physical operations we make available to the customer all the possible digital support so that our services are safe and sustainable: we are in the process of implementing “Tablets” to replace paper receipts (delivery notes), we provide bar codes or QR to our customers so that they can track their luggage in real time through their devices and we promote payment by POS to reduce as much as possible the physical money exchange.

Adopted Protocols


  • In Bags&Go we want to protect our client, so, if the client requests it, we have at your disposal some covers for the suitcases with an antiviral and antibacterial treatment, with which your luggage will be safe for a long time.

They are reusable and due to their characteristics, their effectiveness is more than 100 washes. But it is not necessary to wash it with each use, since the treatment carried by the covers does not need water at high temperature to eliminate bacteria and viruses, but is continuously killing those unwanted agents.

They are safe and effective since the treatment of our covers, eliminates more than 99% of bacteria for greater peace of mind when traveling.


In Bags&Go we follow a strict protocol together with the maximum hygiene measures when handling the luggage of our customers:

  • Our staff has and makes use of protective and hygiene material to provide sufficient guarantees of non-transmission (masks, hydro-alcoholic gel, gloves).


  • We make hydro-alcoholic gel available to our customers at our customer service desks.


  • All contact surfaces of our customer service desks, computers, tablets, telephones, POS and desktop equipment, are cleaned before, during and after the service with a disinfectant solution.


  • Possible queues are monitored and managed by our staff to ensure safe distances and minimize contact.


  • The material used in our transfer operations is disinfected in both the PRE and post service.


  • The luggage cages that bags &go use for transfer or storage are cleaned with disinfectant solution.


  • The loading areas of the vehicles are sprayed with disinfectant solution before, during and after the operations.


  • In both the collection and delivery of luggage, Bags&Go sprays them with a disinfectant solution that minimizes the risk of transmission.

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