At the airport “Barcelona El Prat”, on Terminal 1 we are located on the Ground Floor. There, you only have to look for the left-luggage office. Bags&go are inside of the official left-luggage, next to the metro stop L9.

At the airport “Barcelona El Prat”, on Terminal 2B we are located on the Ground Floor, in front of the counters checking B43/B44.

Take the station exit “Joan Peiro Square”. In front of the McDonald’s, look for the Bags&go white van with our logo outside the station.

In the Port of Barcelona we have a desk inside all port terminals: Moll adosat – Terminal A, B, C, D & E; World Trade Center Terminals: North & South; and Grimaldi, Balearia and Transmediterranea Terminals.

Our staff will be present during all the disembarkation process, so please only indicate an approximate time.

Yes. You can book though our website the collection at the point you are going to arrive at the city (Port, Airport or Train Station) and we will send it to the Hotel or Apartment at according time.
Very easy! We collect your bags at the hotel/apartment in the morning and we will deliver your luggage at according place and time. This way you can make the most of your visit in Barcelona.
We ask for the phone number for security reasons and if we have to inform you of any situation regarding your reservation we can call you, leave a message or send an SMS. If it is not possible, you could indicate an email address. If you need to contact us for any last minute change, you can contact us at the phone we provide, which it is operational 24 hours every day (including holidays).
We are the only official company to operate in all the cruise terminals by Creuers and Barcelona port, and since 2007, we are offering our services in all ships disembarks, with a great satisfaction from the cruisers, meeting all the standards required by the port authorities. We also collaborate with the official left-luggage at the Barcelona Airport, with all safety standards imposed by AENA (the company who manages all the Spanish airports).
We transport every year more than 25.000 bags nationally or internationally, with a market share of 100% of satisfied customers, who repeat and recommend our service.
Today hundreds of travel agencies worldwide sell our most exclusive service to its customers.
We deliver your bags directly to the ship. We work closely with every cruise staff so you have not to worry about times. We always check your cabin number provided with the most update passenger list manifest in order to avoid errors from last minute cabin numbers changes.
The left-luggage at Barcelona Airport is opened 24 hours; however the deadline to collect the bags with no additional charge will be 22h.
The standard price is 15€/piece. But now for all the reservations done through our website the price is 10 €/piece.
It is the same price regardless of size, weight or shape.
Yes, we customized offers for large groups, also personalized services for special cases. For inquiries about prices and/or personalized services, contact us to info@bagsandgo.com with all the details about your trip.
Yes, it is possible, to France or anywhere in the world. For any shipment please contact us to info@bagsandgo.com with all the details and we will give you a quote.
This is our cancellation policy:
Cancellations between 7 and 4 days before the date of Service – 50% of penalties applied.
Cancellations 3 days prior to the date of service – 100% of penalties applied.
Yes. We include insurance for your suitcase, but not cover wheels or handles. We make sure to identify and note any damage in your luggage at the time we receive it in order to prevent fraud.
Due to the strict controls derived from the sensitive areas where we operate, your bag will be scanned with X-rays to enter the airport and the port, in order to avoid illegal items. In addition, for shipments to the United States, it is not allow sending any liquid or food of any kind as American customers governing rules.